Don’t Talk So Much!! How Not To Talk Your Way Out Of A Job..

Don’t Talk So Much!! How Not To Talk Your Way Out Of A Job..

As a professional recruiter who has been working and recruiting professionals in the environmental, engineering and construction industries for over 18 years now at Webuild Staffing . On many occasions I have found candidates talking so much during the interview that they talk themselves right out of consideration for a job opportunity.

Do you consider yourself a talker? Been told you have the gift of gab? Well it’s time to set some rules so you do not talk your way out of consideration for a job.

It is important to remember that you are being interviewed to see if your skills, qualification and overall personality will fit into an organization. Interviewers are only human, the hire who they believe are the most talented professionals, as well as, the individuals they like and will enjoy working with.

So it is important to remember interviewers are just like you; human. Their attention spans only last so long and having an effective two way conversation during an interview is critical to your success.

So Now The Rules:

(1) Your responses to typical interview questions should be thought out in advance; do your planning!! Prepare for the interview!!
(2) Your responses to questions should only last one minute to 90 seconds.
(3) Do not over elaborate on subjects. Answer questions directly and thoughtfully. Stay on subject.
(4) Treat any negatives in your background as positives.
(5) Do not get into long winded personal details about yourself. Keep the conversation professional.
(6) Ask questions!! Engage the interviewer and keep his attention.

Interviewers are skilled at nodding their heads and saying hmm. When you see this occurring during your interview their minds are beginning to wander and you are losing their attention. You need to remember the rules and re-engage them so they begin listening to what you are saying again; rather than thinking about the next question they are going to ask and/or formulating an opinion about you before the interview is over.

If you keep your gift for gab under control and remember these rules, you will be amazed in how successful your interviewing experiences will be.

Michael DeSafey is a leading executive recruiter for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. He is currently the President of Webuild Staffing ( To learn more about Michael or Follow his Blog please visit