Searching For a Job? Ways To Stay Positive And Have A Productive Job Search

Searching For a Job? Ways To Stay Positive And Have A Productive Job Search

It has been shown through various studies that unemployment has the ability to affect ones mental and emotional health. Serious conditions such as an anxiety, depression, and insomnia are common trends seen in unemployed professionals while they are seeking new employment.

In today’s marketplace it is estimated that the average job search takes approximately 30 to 40 weeks of active job searching to find your next career opportunity. Over this period of time many professionals feel like they are losing their professional identity, self-confidence and sense of security as the job search progresses.

Going on interview after interview; with no job offers can bring anyone’s self-esteem down. Human resources and hiring managers are very keen individuals and they can recognize when an individual who is interviewing with them is struggling or depressed. This has a strong impact on your chances of obtaining your next career opportunity. Having a strong support network and coping mechanisms in place that you can rely on will aide you greatly in keeping positive and making the right impression on job interviews.

Find A Group Of Trusted Advisers

When you are searching for a job you may feel alienated from the rest of the world. It is important to not cut yourself off from the business community. Developing relationships with like mind professionals; individuals you have worked with in the past, civic leaders, people you respect and trust will allow you to stay up to date and connected. It will also allow you to communicate your thoughts or ask for advice as you progress through the hurdles in your job search.

Volunteer To Work With A Non-Profit

Going from working 40 hours a week to sitting at home all day can greatly impact your self-esteem. There were many reasons you worked, the since of accomplishment, the pride of the job you were doing, the people you were helping, etc.. All of which can be recaptured by working for a non-profit, even if you are not being paid. It will also allow you to network with business leaders provide you a sense of daily purpose and greatly improve your emotional outlook as you search for a job.

Be Positive

Projecting a sense of positivity and showing a sense of purpose will greatly aide you job search and interviewing success. Individuals that are depressed or downbeat typically drive employers away from hiring them. You want to demonstrate in your life a positive sense of purpose.

There are many ways to do this, but the most effective is reflecting on your past accomplishments, your skills, and abilities, family life. You need to remember that you can provide a valuable contribution to any organization. You past employer saw this, that why they hired you. Take some time to write down these accomplishments and place them somewhere you will see every day. This will greatly help you project a positive outlook in your job search.

Utilize Social Media And LinkedIn

Social Media can be a great tool to utilize in searching for a job, as well as, connecting with folks around the world that have common professional interests. Use your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills, accomplishments, connect with like-minded professionals and share your ideas through these platforms.

You will be surprised how quickly you build your professional network of contacts and how you will be recognized by employers and individuals alike in your profession.

Find A Local Support Group

Having professional contacts and advisors are all great; but there are times when you need to rely on individuals that maybe outside your professional life. Finding a local support group maybe the answer for you.

Often the thought of going to a support group at your local church or community center may seem a little extreme. The general perception is that people who go to these meetings have problems and need help, but in reality most people who go to these meetings are just like you. They are trying to share their stories, experiences, see what others are encountering while working through their particular situation.
People find they are good places to talk with resourceful individuals, be accepted and learn new things to help them in their job search process. Most people end up building long term friendships with people that last years.

Make Sure You Allow Some Time For Yourself

When you are searching for a job you mind is in a constant state of worry. Where will your next job come from? How are you going to find it? Who should you be calling? Sending resumes to?

You do not want your entire life obsessed with finding a job, it’s emotionally and physically unhealthy. You still have a life, interests, friends and family. Take time to enjoy those interests and step away from the job search regularly. It will greatly help your emotional state of mind and health.

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