How To Find And Hire The Best Employees For Your Business.

How To Find And Hire The Best Employees For Your Business.

Whether you’re a business owner, chief executive, project manager or HR Manager; you know lot a time goes into finding the right employees for your organization. The success of every business depends on the abilities of its staff and their ability to work as a team to achieve success.

One of the biggest questions many hiring managers have is: How do you find the best talent in the marketplace and how do you know which people to hire?

Do you place job advertisements? Scour through resume stacks? Interview as many people as you can? Retain recruiters? Well, the simple answer is Yes; but to hire the best talent in the industry you need to know who is working in your industry and you need to have an existing relationship with them.

Anyone can place a job advertisement and look through resume after resume until you interview and hire a candidate that best matches your requirements at that time. As a manager, though you need to build a long term outlook into your recruitment strategy. Look at your projects and/or corporate needs 1 year in advance. Determine what roles and skills your organization may potentially need and keep your eyes open for individuals with those skills. Even if you cannot hire then currently.

Simply posting job advertisements when you need to hire for a job opening will never allow you to find exceptional talent. Your job advertisement only targets individuals looking for a job at a specific point in time. Your organization always needs to be looking for high quality talent. Holding open houses, career fairs, talking with other professionals and leaders in the industry, showcasing your organization to the public.

As a manager though, you need to remember the highest quality and best talent in your industry will never actively be looking for a job. They already have one!! An employer searched them out, courted and hired them. You now need to do the same!! You need to find out who these individuals are, build relationships with them and hire them when the time is right.

You will want to attend professional association networking events, go to lunch with your competitors, talk to your clients about who they know and have experience working with, and/or search LinkedIn and other social media outlets for individuals with specific expertise and connect with them. Establishing relationships and simply take some time to get to know people, their careers, what projects they are working on, what motivates them, and where they see their career going, etc. will allow you as a manager when the time is right to select and make the right strategic hire quickly and efficiently.

But they may not be looking for a job?? Wrong!! You will be surprised how open people are about learning about a new career opportunity when approached. 90% of the currently employed workers will never turn down a potential new opportunity. Everyone is always looking for something better!! By having an existing relationship with them, the courting process is much more efficient, effective and beneficial to the organization doing the hiring.

You already know what makes the candidate tick, what they enjoy, where their expertise is, the type of personality they have, etc.. The relationship is already established all you need to do now is reel them in and make sure the position you have matches their desires, salary and career advancement needs.

Managers that are always building relationships and keeping their eyes open for exceptional talent in the course of their daily business activities will never find themselves lacking exceptional talent for a growing organization. Their businesses will be thriving, while others are still posting job ads and interviewing candidates.

Michael DeSafey is a leading executive recruiter for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. He is currently the President of Webuild Staffing ( ). To learn more about Michael or Follow his Blog please visit