Have You Noticed: Civil Engineering Professionals Are In Demand

Have You Noticed: Civil Engineering Professionals Are In Demand.

As a professional recruiter that has been working in the construction, engineering and environmental industries now for 20 years. I have had the opportunity to recruit 100’s of civil engineering professionals around the world.

Corporations have always had a need for good quality civil engineers, AutoCAD Drafters, Project Managers, and other engineering professionals. With the economic downturn the last few years that demand really slowed; until recently we have noticed in our recruiting practice that the demand has increased rather rapidly since the beginning of 2013.

WANTED analytics has confirmed that trend in their most recent May 2014 report looking at hiring trends; it seems that Civil Engineering is one of the most commonly search occupations and that the demand for civil engineering professionals is strong and growing consistently month over month. Currently there are approximately 24,000 civil engineering jobs open across the country, up from 10,000 in April 2011. That is up 100+% in the last 3 years.

Civil Engineering Jobs Demands

The most in demand skills that employers in civil engineering professionals are:

– AutoCAD Drafting (Civil 3D, Revit, Microstation)
– Structural Engineering
– Civil Design
– Quality Assurance
– Bridge Design
– Inspection

AutoCAD and/or Computer Aided Design skills are the most commonly required skill for Civil Engineering Professionals, with over 10% of all positions requiring these skills to be employed.

Since there are about 260,000 or so civil engineering professionals working in the United States and about 16,000 graduating each year, the civil engineering profession is again experiencing the constraints of the lack of specialized, high quality engineers.

The average position we now have available in the industry has required 7 to 10+ years of specialized discipline experience and depending on the region of the country the position is in, the pool of candidates to selected from is rather slim, which is good news for the industry.

We do not expect it to slow down anytime soon; we see our Civil Engineering Recruiting Practice growing monthly to meet the demands of our clients.

Michael DeSafey is a leading executive recruiter for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. He is currently the President of Webuild Staffing (www.webuildstaffing.com ). To learn more about Michael or Follow his Blog please visit www.michaeldesafey.com