The Top 10 Skills That Will Be In Demand By Employers In The Future

The Top 10 Skills That Will Be In Demand By Employers In The Future

By the year 2020, employers are going to require more from their workers than ever before. Having the essential skills necessary to succeed in the construction, engineering, and environmental industries will be an absolute necessity to advance within the industry.

Essential Job Skills For The Future

Essential Job Skills For The Future

Employers have stated capable employees that have a mix of skill sets fulfilling a range of needs within their organizations will be the most valuable to them. Below are the top ten essential skills professionals will need to master.

Creativity – Creativity is and will still be a relevant and important skill that will allow for innovation within technology arena, as well as, assuring projects are completed successfully.

Negotiation – Skills in negotiation are still uniquely human and will be highly valued in management jobs similar to project managers, superintendents and executive directors. The abilities to negotiate contracts, mange subcontractors and interact / communicate with clients at a senior level is currently and will be even more highly desired by employers.

Critical Thinking – Automated processes, like robots, have not caught up with the way humans use different approaches to evaluate certain strengths and weaknesses to tackle a problem. The ability to critically think through an issue and produce a desire result is essential.

People Management – The ability to manage people, have an eye for finding the right individuals for a job and motivating them will be a crucial skill in 2020.

Coordinating – Knowing how to work with others to get a job done is essential in today’s marketplace. It will be even more essential in the future.

Emotional Intelligence – Companies will want to hire employees that have a strong level of emotional intelligence. People that understand how to interact with others and why they react the way they do to anticipate issues in advance.

Problem Solving Skills – Arguably the most important skill to have in 2020, the ability to solve complex problems will be a highly sought after skill. With all the information available in today’s environment, individuals that can leverage information and apply it to solve real world problems is one of the most difficult skills to master.

Strong Decision Makers – Having the ability to analyze information and/or a situation and make a decision will be an important role in the job field of 2020. This is especially true as companies are growing and need individuals that can make the right decisions consistently.

Service Orientation– Service orientation falls under the social skills category, but warrants its own spot on the list. Service orientation pertains to helping others, whether it be customers or employees, through social interaction to achieve a mutual goal will be essential and highly sought after by employers.

Cognitive Abilities – Thinking about multiple concepts simultaneously is a skill set not high on the list in 2015, but will be in the coming years. The ability to bring all the above skills together use logic, problem solving, and creativity to lead and solve problems will be the most essential skill desired by employers in 2020.

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