So Whats A Green Job. They Just Didn’t Appear Overnight…


As a professional recruiter who has been working and recruiting professionals in the environmental, engineering and construction industries for over 18 years now at Webuild Staffing, I have talked with many individuals that try to understand and/or quantify what a so called “Green Job” is that it leads me to write about it now..

So what is a Green Job? It is not something that just appeared overnight…

As professionals working within the Construction, Engineering and Environmental industry our ears kind of rise when we hear the word “Green” as all of us always have a keen interest in protecting the environment on every project we work on. It’s just in our nature…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has defined a green job as:

Jobs in businesses that produce goods and services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources, as well as, jobs in which workers duties involve making their establishment or production process more environmental friendly.

There are simply millions of jobs throughout the world that could be considered “Green”; Ranging from Manufacturing, Construction, Climate Change Management / Sustainability, Environmental Remediation to Natural Resource Conservation, Recycling and Engineering to name a few.

The main thing that arises in my mind is that these jobs have always been around. Professionals that have been working in the industry for years have always been green. They worked in the backgrounds preserving natural resources, remediating contamination, conducting climate change studies, constructing renewable energy sources, etc.. while always trying to get someone interested, the financial backing and/or to stand up for their efforts.

Now these professionals are rock stars and are in more demand than ever. Being green has become socially acceptable and a cool thing. Kids are recycling, adults are watching their energy consumption, businesses conforming to green standards, governments are standing up, wall street is funding businesses and providing financing, creating jobs and taking notice; the engineering, environmental and construction industries are more popular than ever in promoting “green living”.

Green construction, natural resource conservation, green engineering, sustainability, and environmental remediation professionals have always been at the forefront of the green movement, just unrecognized by the masses.

So to all those scientists, engineers, construction managers keep up the good work. It’s because of you and your years of work that society has come full circle and making the world a better place to live.

Michael DeSafey is a leading executive recruiter for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. He is currently the President of Webuild Staffing ( To learn more about Michael or Follow his Blog please visit