Unemployed? Looking For a Job? Why Not Volunteer!!

Unemployed? Looking For a Job? Why Not Volunteer!!

So you’re unemployed and looking for a job!! Do you know that the average job search takes about 6 months to find the right career opportunity?

So what are you going to do in your down time? Well, the most obvious thing to do is to search for a job which should be your main priority; but many individuals today are also turning to volunteering with a non-profit to keep active and their skills sharp while looking for a job.

Volunteer you say? Why do that? Well, it is obvious you may be hesitant to volunteer for a non-profit while you are out of work, have life changing events happening in your life and struggling to find a job; but the numerous benefits of donating your skills while unemployed will outweigh the small downside it may have.

Today there are many, many worthy non-profit organizations around the country looking for skilled and talented individuals to help their organizations succeed with their objectives. Many actively search for volunteers for bookkeeping, marketing, engineering, construction, public relations, medical, etc… Positions can range from board membership opportunities to hands on daily technical support with the non-profit.

The Key is to find the right type of volunteering opportunity. Ones that will allow you to continue utilizing your skills, build an ongoing track record while unemployed and network with professionals while your are working for the non-profit. Many individuals have found permanent, paying job opportunities through their activities with a non-profit. In fact the ones who do find a job through this method have reported being 85% more satisfied in their new role than they were with their previous employer.

So how do you do this quickly with very little effort on your part?

Many are surprised how easy it is, to find these opportunities. You can go to volunteer websites like www.volunteermatch.org , www.idealist.org who have 1000’s of volunteer opportunities listed or simply search google for volunteer opportunities or local charities in your area that you support and have an interest in. You will be surprised as to how many opportunities will come up. Make a phone call, express your interest and see where it takes you.

You will be amazed as to how rewarding volunteering can be.

Michael DeSafey is a leading executive recruiter for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. He is currently the President of Webuild Staffing (www.webuildstaffing.com ). To learn more about Michael or Follow his Blog please visit www.michaeldesafey.com