Need A Professional Resume? Five Key Reasons to Use a Professional Resume Writer

Need A Professional Resume? Five Key Reasons to Use a Professional Resume Writer Specializing in the Construction & Engineering Industries

As more and more professionals in the Construction, Engineering and Environmental industries are looking to advance their careers. Many are turning to professional Resume Writers for assistance. However, there are still many people unfamiliar with the benefits of using a Professional Resume Writer in today’s job environment.

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Resume Writing For Construction, Engineering And Environmental Professionals

When it comes to Engineering and the related multi-disciplinary industries, it is particularly crucial to use a resume writer knowledgeable about the industry you work in; One that understands your job responsibilities, career path and common industry terminology that is used daily in your profession. “Generalist” writers may be familiar with the resume outlines of many industries, but they lack that crucial knowledge that will allow them the craft a resume that will allow you to stand out to an employer. These writers could make basic mistakes on your resume that reflect poorly on you as a professional.

So let’s look at some of the advantages of using a writer skilled in the construction, engineering and environmental industries:

1. Compelling Achievement Narratives.

Modern, effective resume writing depends not only on listing “duties,” but on the abilities to showcase the outstanding achievements that an individual delivered in the past. Achievement narratives are fundamental in adequately summarizing the challenges that a candidate encountered, the actions taken and the results achieved on projects or in a career position. Each step of this style of narrative requires deep insight into the construction, engineering and environmental industry and its norms.

2. Ability to Articulate Your Unique Value Proposition

Along with a narrative a professional resume writer that is highly experienced within the construction, engineering and environmental industries will have the abilities to articulate you unique value to an employer. Everyone who has an Engineering or Environmental background brings specific skills to the workplace. It is important that a Professional Resume Writer be able to differentiate you from the competition by weaving your individual achievements into a complete picture — demonstrating the unique ways you approach and resolve difficult projects, engineering challenges and showcasing those results throughout your resume.

3. Use of Correct and Appropriate Industry Terminology

Large Construction and project management firms tend to use “Applicant Tracking Software” to streamline the process of resume evaluation. This software scores each resume received by comparing it to an internal database of key terms and certifications. That means your skills and credentials must always be communicated using the correct industry terminology. Focusing on projects, titles, keywords, achievements and certifications will allow you to rank higher within the applicant tracking software search criteria’s; so an employer with take notice.

4. Refined Understanding of the Most Important Metrics in Your Industry

Most business professionals are generally concerned with measuring money saved and revenue delivered during your career. While these are valuable barometers of success, In the construction, engineering and environmental industries they don’t necessarily speak to the main technical concerns in your particular industry. Civil, Environmental engineers for instance are especially apt to use metrics that may not be understood immediately by the general public; this highly technical engineering information must be communicated clearly to non-technical human resource and hiring decision-makers. Resume writers who specialize in writing resumes for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries have a firm grasp on how to translate and communicate this technical, engineering knowledge to the general, non-technical public audience.

5. Enhanced Alignment Between Your Candidacy and the Industry’s Direction

No industry is static. Evolution takes place every day. A good resume writer must be familiar with industry trends, projects, publications, and research to demonstrate how your skills match up with emerging needs of employers. This allows the resume writer to be able to frame the whole progression of your career to stay relevant to the emerging marketplace. By developing effective, multi-use cover letters, executive summaries and project lists.

By using a resume writer that specializes in the construction, engineering and environmental industry will greatly enhance your career prospects and accelerate the process of getting interviews. Even if you don’t use the documents the writer produces, the basic discussion of your career with a third party can help you uncover ways that you’ve contributed value to your former employers without even knowing it.

With that said, no one should engage a resume writer thinking his or her work might not be suitable. To save money and build what could be a fruitful professional relationship, you should ensure that a prospective writer has keen insight into the context of your work. For these reasons and more, construction, engineering and environmental industry-focused Resume Writing Services are vital.

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