The Top Five Most In-Demand Construction Jobs For 2015 And Beyond…

The Top Five Most In-Demand Construction Jobs For 2015 And Beyond…

In a world where the growing population is demanding more places in which to live, work, shop, and play construction professionals are in high demand. A construction professional plans and develops the buildings, infrastructure, and environment that a growing population needs especially in the sunbelt states, such as Texas, and California where the greatest population gains are expected over the next 10 years as the economy improves. The more money people have will allow for greater spending for houses, shopping centers, and schools, which in turn encourages more building projects.

Demand For Construction Jobs

Demand For Construction Jobs 2015

The following are the top five most in-demand construction jobs from 2012 to 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Civil Engineers

Freeways, sewer systems, dams, and bridges rarely occupy public consciousness unless they don’t work correctly or there’s not enough of them. Civil engineers then step in to design, develop, maintain, and operate these and other public infrastructure projects. Their employment is projected to increase by 19.7 percent, or 53,700 jobs. Aside from population growth, another driving force behind the growth is age. Federal, state, and local budgets now have the money to replace or maintain these structures. In addition, the demand for alternative energy provides opportunities in the construction of solar plants and wind farms.


Homes, offices, schools, shopping malls, and other buildings are designed and planned by architects, whose employment is expected to grow by 16.8 percent, or 21,400 positions. The design of healthcare facilities will be in high demand as aging baby boomers require more healthcare services. Professionals with knowledge of green design, or sustainable design, will find excellent opportunities. This specialty ensures that structures use resources efficiently, such as by conserving energy and water, or are otherwise friendly toward the environment.

Construction Managers

Construction managers organize, plan, and supervise construction projects by handling workers, resources, and budgets. Their employment is expected to increase by 16.1 percent, or 78,200 jobs. Many will be involved in the retrofitting of buildings to meet newer energy standards, and the improvement of aging infrastructure, such as bridges and sewer systems.

Landscape Architects

The environment around a structure as well as parks and recreational facilities are designed and planned by landscape architects. They take into account the beauty and growth rate of foliage, the durability of man-made structures such as walkways and walls, and the ability of spaces to provide environmental benefits. Their jobs are expected to increase by 2,900, or 14.3 percent. New opportunities will come from the design of green roofs, which improve the environment by planting foliage on top of buildings.

Construction Inspectors

Construction inspectors look at worksites and buildings to ensure that they meet national and local building codes, professional standards, and contract specifications. Their jobs are expected to grow by 12,500 or 12.2 percent, primarily in government and consulting services.

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