Resume Objective Statements!! Target For Success

Resume Objective Statements!! Target For Success..

When writing your resume it is imperative that you have an objective that is clearly stated in a manner that shows the potential employer that you have the experience, skills and qualifications to be successful in their organization. Your objective should be a clear, concise and informative statement that demonstrates you are the right person for this job.

Effective Objective Statements

Writing Effective Objective Statements

For each job that you apply for, you should customize your objective statement for the position you are applying for in a way that will grasp an employer’s attention. This will allow a level of personalization to each position and employer you are applying with. The statement should provide a brief and descriptive introduction of your skills as related to the employer’s needs. Utilizing a few adjectives is always highly suggested.

For example, if you are applying with a residential construction firm that wants to hire a project manager, you will want to have your objective statement focus more towards residential construction (ie.. Dedicated Residential Construction Manager With Over 10 Years Of Single Family Construction Experience), If the opportunity is for a Commercial Construction Manager your objective statement may read (ie. Dedicated Commercial Construction Manager With Over 10 Years Of Retail Construction Experience).  An employer wants to see that you have the skills that they are looking for, so be descriptive, highlight your years of experience and skills. Do not be afraid to highlight the skills an employer specifically notes in the job description in your objective. It will gain their attention.

If for instance, you currently work on a high profile project that will showcase your skills, it might be good to include that in your objective (ie. Dedicated Commercial Construction Manager That Has Constructed Over 500 Million Square Feet Of Retail Space With Walmart).

You want to stand above the competition and in today’s competitive job market employers receive a substantial quantity of resumes. Typically only scan a resume briefly, so by having an objective that grasps their attention is important. An employer does not want to read multiple paragraphs about your experience, but rather skim your resume in order to determine in a matter of minutes whether or not you are the right person to consider and call in for an interview.

The objective statement is the best way to demonstrate your qualification for a position, as well as, highlight your skills in a brief, yet descriptive way . So be sure that you follow these tips in order to create the perfect objective for your job search.

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