Construction Jobs Are On The Rise…

Construction Jobs Are On The Rise…

The downturn in the economy hit the housing market hard in the early 2000’s and this wreaked havoc on construction jobs; dragging opportunities in the field of construction to record lows.

Today though people are beginning to spend again, the economy is finally finding its feet and investors that were once skittish are ready to start building again. The construction market is returning to historical normal levels and the job market is growing.

Construction Jobs

Construction Jobs Are Now Increasing And The Economy Rebounds

If you are one of the many skilled professionals that had to ride out the downturn in the economy working in other industries (oil, gas, mining, and engineering) and/or focusing on side remodeling and home renovation /maintenance projects now is the time to start looking for serious construction work again.

According to the Washington Post article “The Construction Industry Is About To Take Off And Jobs Could Follow” with by Jim Tankersly.

“The Labor Department expects a sustained rebound in construction hiring. A new report from The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the industry will add 1.6 million jobs through 2022, which is a relatively high growth rate compared to other market sectors..”

Continued growth in the field of construction means there will be less competition for jobs available and that more construction companies will be trying to fill openings quickly so they can remain competitive.

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