Is Your LinkedIn Profile, Recruiter Friendly?

Is Your LinkedIn Profile, Recruiter Friendly??

The fields of construction, engineering, and the environment are exciting sectors to work in. If you are currently looking for a job in any of these fields, it’s important to use the online world to accomplish your objective. In this contemporary era, social media sites like LinkedIn have become effective channels through which to connect with prospective employers. To ensure that you can expedite and optimize your job hunting endeavors on this channel, be sure to implement some or all of the following strategies to make your LinkedIn Profile, Recruiter Friendly:

LinkedIn Visibility

Are You Visible To Recruiters On Linkedin

1. Endorse, Endorse, Endorse…

Endorsing other LinkedIn members who are attempting to build their business or find a job is a great altruistic endeavor. Additionally, supporting others is a great way to make your name more visible to prospective employers. Finally, consistently endorsing other people on LinkedIn is an effective way to ensure that they will do the same for you. Once this happens, your profile will gain credibility.

2. Optimize Your Profile..

Profile optimization is key to enhancing your likelihood of finding a job. With this idea in mind, be sure that the profile is complete. Oftentimes people will rush through the process and omit key information. LinkedIn will show you how much of the profile you’ve completed, so be sure you hit the “100% complete” target. Also make sure that you are using an attractive, professional photo to bring personality and aesthetic appeal to the profile. Avoid blurry shots and questionable images at all costs. Finally, make sure that your profile lists results that you have attained as opposed to creating a laundry list of responsibilities you held. For example, listing an impressive construction site that you built is more effective than outlining the daily tasks you completed.

3. Make Yourself Searchable…

To ensure that you are found by the prospective employer, you must be “searchable.” This means that your profile must be easy to find when someone does a keyword search. To make your profile as searchable as possible, be sure that you are using the ideal keywords, skill sets, and job titles in the profile. There are specific job titles and skill sets that are prevalent within the engineering, environmental and construction communities, so just be sure that you’re using the most contemporary, applicable language possible.

4. Build A Strong Network…

Just as networking is important in the “real world,” it’s important that you network via social media channels like LinkedIn. When you start connecting with people in the construction and engineering sectors, you can build a substantive network. This will increase your chances of connecting with leaders and employers in your field.

5. Share Content With Your Network..

Sharing relevant content is one of the best ways to boost your visibility amongst all the right people online. With this idea in mind, make sure that you’re liking, commenting, and sharing content related to the fields of construction, engineering, or the environment. In addition to demonstrating that you are remaining current regarding information that pertains to your field, it also demonstrates that you maintain an active account. If you’re looking for a place through which to find and share content, try LinkedIn pulse.

6. Enhance Your Profiles Headline…

One final strategy you should implement to attract a recruiter’s attention is to enhance your headline. The headline presents you with the opportunity to catch and keep a prospective employer’s attention. For this reason, optimizing the headline for clarity and uniqueness is important. There are numerous ways to accomplish this objective, but using a clear, concise, catchy phrase to cultivate a personality for yourself is typically the most effective approach to adopt.

In Conclusion…

Pursuing a career in construction, engineering, or the environment can prove both personally and professionally advantageous. To ensure that you optimize your chances of attaining a job, make sure that you are appropriating LinkedIn to connect with recruiters. By employing some or all of the tips and tricks outlined above, you’ll likely find yourself attaining the job you want with lightning speed! For additional assistance please view for LinkedIn profile services to optimize your LinkedIn Profile Professionally.

Michael DeSafey is a leading executive recruiter for professionals in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. He is currently the President of Webuild Staffing . To learn more about Michael or to follow his Blog please visit