Top Professional Organizations For Environmental Professionals: Environmental Planners

Top Professional Organizations For Environmental Professionals: Environmental Planners

Because networking is so important, it helps to know about Top Professional organizations for environmental professionals and ways to get involved with them. Use this post as an introduction to the major organizations and what they offer to various environmental professionals.

Professional Associations - Environmental Planners

    Environmental Planner Networking Associations

American Planning Association – Not just for city planners, the APA offers networking opportunities, educational resources and conferences for all professionals working in city or regional planning. They also offer career services, like job listings and career development resources.

National Association of Environmental Professionals – Anyone from student to seasoned professional in environmental planning, research or management who is not a member should seriously consider joining this organization. Member benefits include committee reports, and discounted classes, seminars and meetings.

Planners Network – A progressive association concerned with urban and rural planning, the Planners Network serves academics, activists, planning professionals and students. They host conferences and have at least 16 local chapters in Canada and the United States.

Society of Women Environmental Professionals – A national organization with numerous city chapters serving women in environmental law, planning, business and engineering.

Many U.S. states have state organizations for environmental planners and allied professionals. Do a Google search for ‘(state name) association of environmental professionals’ Some national groups, including the SWEP, have city or state chapters that can prove helpful for networking. Some regional associations serve environmental planners.

Join a couple of relevant professional associations and participate however you can. If there is a forum, use it. Attend the meetings if time and finances permit. Definitely do attend local networking events. Consider volunteering, as this increases your visibility within the organization and allows you to meet a few potential employers.

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